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Our product range includes:

Clearsoft Visual Accounts, a desktop installed application designed for micro-businesses and home use.   It allows easy import of bank data and visualisation of your financial position without the hassle of endless dialog boxes.

Daylog is a web-based site manager to allow staff to sign in and out, hassle-free, from their mobile devices.

DaylogVisual Accounts


Clearsoft provides custom programming services to create controls, integrations or full applications.

We also provide software auditing services, WORD form and document clean-up/creation and upgrading on bloated Excel spreadsheets into clean, crisp application (which we call “Re-excelling”)

Clearsoft is predominately a Microsoft software house will specialisation in WPF, Linq, EF6, SQL Server and MVVM, however we have some expertise in PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and AJAX.

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Clearsoft was established in 1998 to provide bespoke solutions to industry.  Past projects include applications and consulting for aerospace, financial, entertainment and digital media organisations.

Clearsoft Visual Accounts

Clearsoft Visual Accounts

Visual Accounts removes all the roadblocks popular accounting packages put in your way!

If you need a simple and effective way to view your transactions, download directly from your bank and customise to your way of working, this is the product you need.

Use Visual Accounts for 90 days risk free on your own PC, then purchase for only $24.90.

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